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A Fondness for Ferns

Posted by admin in Design, Perennials

By Laurie Ferns are emotive plants that can conjure up visions of other places and times. Ferns give a garden a sense of permanence, timelessness, of always having been there; which is no wonder, as they have been around for over 300 million years! Ferns don’t seduce us with flowers, but instead offer exquisite fiddleheads

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Add A Touch Of Japan To Your Garden

Posted by admin in Design

By Faye I’m sitting in the Narita airport, having spent some time here in Tokyo visiting my son and his family. Before me sits my traditional parting meal at the airport: Onigiri, which are delicious balls of rice with assorted fillings, wrapped in Nori (seaweed). Beverage of choice is Asahi beer, just the thing to

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Specialty Plants

Posted by admin in Containers, Perennials

Are you a plant collector? Do you seek out rare and unusual specimens? Plants are like people, there are some rare gems among the crowd, and they are worth the effort to find. We have often been considered a source of unique items, making it worth the drive to North Saanich to find us. We

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The Language of Seeding

Posted by admin in Edible Gardening

It’s always easier to understand something when you know the language.   If you have been wondering about the difference between open pollinated, F1 Hybrid and what organic actually means, read on… Open Pollinated: Plants produced by crossing two parents of the same variety. The resulting offspring will have the same characteristics as the parents. Choose

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For The Love Of Flowers, Start A Cutting Garden

Posted by admin in Annuals, Flowers, Perennials

By Faye  Most of us want to bring the beauty and fragrance of flowers into our homes, but worry about plundering the garden beds by cutting off blooms. The solution? Plant a cutting garden! It needn’t be large but, if well planned, will reward you with glorious bouquets all season long. A few guidelines and

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Hellebores Are Happy

Posted by admin in Maintenance, Perennials

Keep your hellebores happy and show their charming faces! These easy care perennials ask only one thing of you, and that is to cut back their old leathery leaves in very early spring, right about now. New leaves will quickly take their place; put the old ones in the garbage not compost, as they can

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Have You Heard the Buzz? Let’s Help the Bees!

Posted by Russell Nursery in Mason Bees

Most of us know already that there is a world-wide honey bee crisis; the bees are dying and our crops are threatened due to lack of pollination. This is a wake up call to which we can respond by helping our local bee populations. In part, a solution for pollination may lie with our own

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Plants to Nourish and Encourage Native Bees

Posted by Russell Nursery in Mason Bees, Plant Choices

by Faye To keep your local bee population well fed and happy, think ahead to have early blooming flowers in your garden. Bumble bees emerge from their winter nests while the weather is still cold, and need sustenance right away. The Masons are a little later, when the temperature is reliably above 14 degrees C.

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Seasonal Stars in the Garden

Posted by Russell Nursery in Design, Grasses, Shrubs, Trees

Do you find that there are times of year when your garden fades, when there is nothing stellar to notice and you have to say to guests “wait until fall (spring, winter or summer); my garden really looks good THEN!”
The secret to having a year-round beautiful landscape lies in planning ahead, cultivating plants which will

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Planting Trees and Shrubs

Posted by Russell Nursery in Planting, Shrubs, Trees

He that plants a tree loves others beside himself – Thomas Fuller 1.  Before Planting. Take a moment to consider something that could make a huge difference in the health of your plant. What kind of soil and drainage does the site have? Most failures of new plantings in coastal BC are due to waterlogged

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How To Care For A Young Tree

Posted by Russell Nursery in Maintenance, Trees

by Susan The decision has been made, the hole dug and the tree planted, following all the instructions of course! Now what? Research has shown that newly planted trees take two years to establish. During that time young trees or older trees that have been transplanted are sensitive to environmental stresses, nutrient deficiencies and pest

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Container Gardening with Succulents

Posted by Russell Nursery in Containers

by Faye SOIL RECIPE FOR SUCCULENT CONTAINERS 4 parts sterilized potting soil (not peat-based soilless blend) 1 part coarse sand (available at Trio, Gravel Mart, Peninsula Landscape Supply, etc) 1 part Vermiculite (available in small bags at the nursery. HARDY SUCCULENTS (best selection available at the nursery from April onwards) SEMPERVIVUMS These are the familiar,

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Working With Clay Soil

Posted by Russell Nursery in Maintenance, Soil

Having clay soil may seem like a great misfortune, but if it is managed and handled properly it can produce an abundance of plant growth. Clay soils can be very fertile as they have the ability to hold onto nutrients. Clay soils are moisture retentive – to a fault in the winter, but a good

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Turf the Turf

Posted by Russell Nursery in Design, Lawns, Maintenance

by Faye The great Canadian lawn. Is it an oasis upon which to rest and rejuvenate your spirit, or is it a monstrous thirsty fraud? The pros and cons of keeping or killing turfgrass have become hot button issues for gardeners of all shades of green. Historically, the lawn signified the emergence of the middle

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Controlling Moss In Lawns

Posted by Russell Nursery in Lawns, Maintenance

Moss thrives in our rainy climate and naturally acidic soils. It loves wet, poorly drained soil and does best in shady spots where the grass struggles to grow. The only way to really solve a moss problem is to determine and remedy the cause. Drainage: Improve the porosity and drainage of your soil by aerating

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Plant a Hedge Row, Not a Hedge

Posted by Russell Nursery in Design, Hedges, Plant Choices

(Plant lists at bottom of page) Hedges, in one form or another, have existed since our ancestors gave up their foraging life style and settled down in permanent residences. Over the centuries loosely piled brush, stacked rocks, iron railings and rows of shrubs have been used to keep livestock safe and to clearly mark the

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Lasagna Gardening

Posted by Russell Nursery in Edible Gardening, Soil

By Sue This method of making beds requires no digging or tilling. Also known as sheet-composting, it means building up layers of organic material that will break down over time, resulting in rich, loose soil. You can build a lasagna garden right on top of the lawn, weeds and all. Start by spreading a layer

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Biological Warfare: Treatment for Root Weevils

Posted by Russell Nursery in Pests/Diseases

    Do you have any leaves that look like the ones in these pictures?  This kind of damage is produced by adult root weevils.  Root weevil larvae overwinter in the soil and can do serious damage to root systems.  Rhodos, Camellias, Laurels, Bergenia, Heuchera, Primula and a host of other plants are all susceptible to

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Early To Bed For My Bees This Year

Posted by Russell Nursery in Mason Bees

While it’s still only November, I decided to put my Mason Bees to bed early.  I hoped that maybe my precious pollinators would have fewer mites if I got them cleaned earlier in the season. Any time between October and January is prime time for cleaning cocoons, and I’ve usually done this task in January.Our

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November In The Food Garden

Posted by Russell Nursery in Edible Gardening, Maintenance

Getting the veggie garden ready for winter entails just a few simple tasks. The first really hard frost of the season is upon us; we need to prepare now for the winter that lurks nearby. First of all, the soil needs to be protected from incessant rain, which leeches out nutrients and compacts the ground. 

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