Behind the Garden Gate Photo Contest

Behind the Garden Gate… Will You Show Us What’s Behind Yours?

We’re very curious! Every day at Russell Nursery we help people choose the perfect plants for their gardens but we seldom get to see how those plants look in situ or get to hear about which plant(s) make you happiest. Please take this opportunity to show us the treasures in your gardens.

View all the fantastic entries here!

How will the contest work? 

Each household can submit 1 entry per month of the plant, bed, or garden that is bringing them the most joy that month along with a short description (100 words or less) explaining what makes it special for you.

We will collect the photos each month and randomly draw one entry to receive a $30 Russell Nursery Gift Certificate and we will publish the photo and description. In December, to conclude this extra-special year with a bang, we will collect ALL the submissions and we will randomly draw a single entrant. This lucky Grand Prize winner will receive a $500 Russell Nursery Gift Card!

Please note that submitting an entry will be taken as permission to include your photograph and description in a Russell Nursery newsletter, website, social media, and/or in on-site displays. Written submissions may be gently edited by us for accuracy, brevity, or grammar, etc. Monthly draw winners and the Grand Prize winner will be notified via phone or email.

Max. file size: 50 MB.

More questions?

See the FAQs at the bottom of this page.

Sample Entries

To get the ball rolling and to share some early garden love with you, below are a couple of sample entries from our very own Laurel R. and Faye F. Note that as these two are employed at Russell Nursery their submissions won’t be included in any prize draw.

So take your cameras (or phones) out to the garden with you and get clicking! We can’t wait to see what’s growing behind your garden gate!

Here is my happy little Asplenium trichomanes! I can count on this fern to look amazing, no matter the time of year. It makes me smile each time I pass by and so I’d like to share it with you.

– Laurel R. in Moodyville

Asplenium Laurel

Molinia Faye

I love this vista of my garden taken in mid-February, because it shows the tenacity and enduring beauty of two of my favourite grasses; Molinia caerulea ‘Strahlenquelle’ and Hakonechloa macra. After this winter of hardship and being crushed by the snow, they haven’t even flinched. With morning sun behind them they just make me happy.

– Faye F. in Queenswood

Contest FAQ’s

Must I have purchased the plant(s) that I’m submitting a photo of from Russell Nursery?

No. We welcome photos of any parts of your garden no matter where the plants come from.

What if what brings me joy is in my front garden or a public garden or a friend’s garden who does not want to submit? Can I submit as long as I took the photo?

We want to see what you’ve put in your garden whether it’s on 20 acres or a few pots on your deck. Photos from your back (or front or side) garden are welcomed … as long as it is from your garden.

Please do not submit photos of public gardens (even if you’ve taken them yourself). Professionally taken photos (that you paid for) are not allowed.

Can I win the monthly draws more than once?

Yes, each entrant is eligible to win once per month and all entries are eligible to win the grand draw.

If I won a monthly draw will I also be entered into the Grand Prize Draw in December?

Yes. All entries will be eligible for the final draw. If you enter every month, you increase your chances of winning the Grand Prize Draw because every entry is eligible.

Can I enter the same photo more than once?

No. Each month’s photo must be different. You can take a photo of the same plant (or vista) but it has to be a photo taken in the month in which you are submitting.

How do I know which month’s draw I’m entering?

For this special year, Russell Nursery is sending out a newsletter/newsblast on the last day of each month. The winner will be drawn at the end of each month and the photo and description will be included in the newsletter and/or other social media.

November will be the last month that photos can be submitted.

How will my name be used in conjunction with my published photo?

Your first name, last name initial and location will be published along-side your photograph unless you specifically request something else.

Are only winning photos/descriptions published?

Submitting an entry is taken as permission to include your photograph and description in a Russell Nursery newsletter, website, social media, and/or in on-site displays whether you win the gift certificate or not.