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‘Sparkling Diamond’

A Host of Heavenly Hellebores.
We have a great selection to choose from.
They are blooming right through this crazy weather that we are experiencing.



Veg starts

Itching to get started with your vegetables? We have lettuce, kale, broccoli, cabbage, onions and arugula starts. Onion sets and seed potatoes. For seeds we offer Westcoast and Pacific Northwest varieties. Some of the tougher herbs, rosemary, mint, thyme and sage, are also available. Check out the Class Page for inspiration: How To Grow Veggies In Small Spaces or Greenhouse Gardening. 

Choosing will not be easy with over 70 varieties to choose from: shrubs, climbers, carpet roses & David Austins. The easiest way to choose is to come in and browse, looking at the large colour tags, and then take home the ones you want. You can pre-browse online in our Rose Catalogue but some varieties will sell out quickly.

The dormant bare root plants will be available until the end of March. They are a good choice budget-wise, are easy to plant and establish quickly producing plenty of flowers this year. If you are not ready to plant now we will have a good selection of potted roses, including the tree roses, available around the end of May.

Russell Nursery
25th Anniversary Speaker Series:
The second ‘Speaker Event’ is happening on Sunday March 26th  so don’t delay!Lori Weidenhammer
‘CREATING A BUZZ: Attracting and Feeding Bumblebees In Your Garden’
Read more about Lori, her presentation and link to purchase tickets online.


Questions about purchasing your own greenhouse then check out our sister site Halls Greenhouses BC.

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