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(Closed for Winter Break: Dec. 23 thru Jan. 31, 2017)


Trees – Large and Small!

Christmas trees are here – from table top to vaulted ceiling we have the right sized tree for you!

Natural Wreath

Natural Wreath

While browsing enjoy a cup of our ‘Russell Nursery Hot Cider‘ and nibble on a ginger snap. Find the perfect  custom made wreath for your front door or the ‘ingredients’ to make your own. Be inspired by our displays and then take home some bundles of greens and holly to decorate your own home.



Natural with some glitz


A Little Different

Pruning? We are still collecting winter greens from hedges, conifers, evergreen shrubs etc. for wreath making. Wreath classes are underway and we are still happy to  accept donations! We have plenty of lelandii but are looking for more cedar, fir, boxwood or other decorative evergreens. Please call with any questions.

Decorating for Christmas

Inspiration for Christmas Decorating


Interested in making your own wreath? There have been a few cancellations so give us a call and we will see if we can fit you in.

Ilex-centerpiece An additional time has been added for “Holiday Containers and Table Arrangements”.   See our Class page for more information and to register.



Questions about purchasing your own greenhouse then check out our sister site Halls Greenhouses BC.

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