Specialty Plants

Pteridophyllum racemosum

Are you a plant collector? Do you seek out rare and unusual specimens? Plants are like people, there are some rare gems among the crowd, and they are worth the effort to find. We have often been considered a source of unique items, making it worth the drive to North Saanich to find us. We are now stocking a select grouping of plants from a specialty grower on the Lower Mainland, many woodland treasures from Japan in particular. Yes, they are expensive! Quantities are limited.

Photos and plant information provided by: HarkAway Botanicals 
Actaea pachypoda ‘Misty Blue’
Supernal native woodland perennial (Eastern NA) with a mounding habit and lacy blue-green foliage. Tall stems of fluffy white panicles in spring;  striking, pure white berries with contrasting red pedicels in fall.Tolerates most soil types but requires even moisture in light to medium shade.
Height: 60-90cm   Spread:  60-90cm  Zone:  3
Anemonella thalictroides ‘Betty Blake’
An unexpected wonder,  ‘Betty Blake’ has fully double flowers of pale apple green.  Flowering begins in early spring lasting into summer.  A very showy addition to the woodland garden; makes an excellent container specimen.  Prefers a gritty well-drained soil in open to partial shade.
Height: 20cm   Spread:  30cm  Zone:  4
Beesia calthifolia
A beautiful clumping evergreen perennial from China, having glossy heart-shaped leaves with that gasoline sheen; new growth is bronze-red.  Tall spikes of small white flowers through spring and summer.  Slow to establish. Superb, groundcover for shade.
Prefers humus rich soils.
Height: 30cm   Spread:  30+cm  Zone:  6
Calanthe sieboldii
Robust terrestrial orchid with bright green, pleated leaves.  Tall scapes (50cm) of brilliant yellow flowers in spring.  A very exotic addition to the woodland. Flowers are among the largest of the hardy Calanthe. Evergreen during mild winters; easy to grow.
Best in partial sheade in moist, humus-rich soil.
Height: 15-30   Spread:  30-45  Zone:  6
Convallaria majalis ‘Albostriata’
Highly prized by gardeners this coveted perennial has green leaves that are vertically striped with pale gold.  Slow to establish, but worth the wait! Short scapes of fragrant white bells in early spring. Likes average well drained soil in part shade.
Height: 15-20   Spread:  30cm  Zone:
Daphne odora ‘Rebecca’
Found in Devon England this impressive sport of  ‘Aureomarginata’ has long narrow dark green leaves with a broad gold margin; evergreen.  Deep purple buds open to very fragrant pink flowers; early spring. Best grown in partial shade in very well-drained soil.
Height: 1.25-1.5m   Spread:  1.5m  Zone:  7
Leucosceptrum japonicum ‘Gold Angel’
Outstanding herbaceous perennail from Japan with foliage reminiscent of a stunning golden salvia.  Plants have a clumping shrub-like growth habit.  Soft yellow bottlebrush flower spikes late summer into fall.
Full sun (maintain moisture levels) to partial shade in average, moist soil.
Height: 90cm   Spread:  90-120cm  Zone:  4
Pteridophyllum racemosum
Unique perennial endemic to the mountains of Japan. Plants form rosettes of dark green, fern-like leaves which are topped by short (30cm) spikes of pendulous clean white flowers; spring into summer.
Prefers moist, humus rich, well drained soil in cool shade.
Height: 15-30cm   Spread:  30+  Zone:  5
Sciadopitys verticillata
Japanese Umbrella Pine
Compact, slow growing conifer with umbrella-like whorls of soft, narrow, dark green needles.  Plants form a dense conical to pyramidal shape that will become more open with age.  A most eye-catching specimen or container plant.
Full sun to light shade in moist, acidic, well drained soil.
Height: 4-6m   Spread:  2-3m  Zone:  5