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The following is a list of  the trees that we hope to have for sale at some point this year.  Please call or email to check current availability.  The heights and spreads given in the descriptions are what you can expect for a mature tree approximately ten years of age.

Tillia cordata ‘Girards Pendula Nana’

Almost as attractive with its winter structure as it is when in leaf. Truly a natural bonsai with little or no pruning required to make it look like a miniature tree. Ideal for the rock garden, container culture or a very small space in the garden.
Flowers: Smaller than the species, borne in pendulous racemes. Color is pale yellow and fragrant.
Foliage: The leaves are also small rarely exceeding 1 1/2 inches.
Fall colour: Yellow.
Bark: Light yellow-brown, subtle but quite pleasing for winter effect.
H 6-9′ S 5-7′



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