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The following is a list of  the trees that we hope to have for sale at some point this year.  Please call or email to check current availability.  The heights and spreads given in the descriptions are what you can expect for a mature tree approximately ten years of age.

Magnolia ‘Galaxy’

(M. liliiflora x M. sprengeri ‘Diva’)
Shape: Upright, oval
Foliage: Dark green leaves
Flower: Slightly fragrant cup-shaped red-purple flowers in late spring, before leafing out
Light: Full sun or partial shade
Size: H: 20-25’ W: 10’ (tree will remain narrow for many years then broaden to 20’)
Flowers at a young age and more profusely as the tree matures

Magnolia grandiflora ‘Bracken B. Beauty’ (Evergreen Magnolia)

Shape:  A dense, narrow, pyramdial-oval crown
Foliage:  Leathery evergreen leaves (to 7” long) are glossy dark green above and rusty-brown beneath
Flower:  Fragrant, cup-shaped, creamy white flowers, 4-6″  in summer.
Wide-spreading roots.
Less leaf drop than other varieties, most cold hardy
Grow in moist, organically rich, well-drained loams
Likes sun to part shade.
H 20’-30’ W 15’-25’

Magnolia grandiflora ‘Kay Paris’ (Evergreen Magnolia)

A beautiful dense tree.
Dark green glossy leaves with brown velvety undersides and wavy edges.
Its new growth is a brighter pink than other varieties.
H: 12-18′ S: 7-12′

Magnolia grandiflora ‘Edith Bogue’ (Evergreen Magnolia)

Shape:  Evergreen with a very tight habit, one of the hardiest.
Flower:  Massive, fragrant creamy white flowers in summer.
Likes sun to part shade.
H to 25’ W to 15’

Magnolia grandiflora ‘Victoria’ (Evergreen Magnolia)

Shape: Medium growing compact, pyramidal, evergreen tree that you can prune to shape.
Foliage:  The lustrous foliage is broad, heavy, dark green with brown pubescent undersides.
Flower:  Fragrant creamy white flowers in summer.
Exceptionally hardy, but needs a sheltered and moist site.
Likes sun to part shade.
H 15’-20’ W 15’-20’

Magnolia x ‘Judy Zuk’ (Deciduous Magnolia)

Shape: Columnar
Foliage: Dark green leaves
Flower: Fragrant yellow tulip-shaped flowers with plum tinged bases in early spring, as leaves emerge
Light: Full sun or partial shade
Size: H: 20-30’ W: 10-20’

Magnolia x ‘Black Tulip’ (Deciduous Magnolia)

(M. ‘Vulcan’ x M. ‘lolanthe’)
Shape: Slender habit
Foliage: Dark green leaves
Flower: Deep burgundy-red goblet-shaped flowers in early spring, before leafing out
Light: Full sun or partial shade
Size: H: 15-20’ W: 6-10’
One of the darkest coloured of magnolia blooms

Magnolia ‘Leonard Messel’

(x loebneri)
: Slow growing, rounded, low branched
Foliage: Green, narrowly ovate
Flower: Lilac pink, paler within, scented with about 12 narrow tepals, opening before leaves
Abundant flowers evan at an early age
Likes Sun to Part Shade
H: 15’-20’ S: 15’-20’

Magnolia ‘Royal Star’

Shape:  Compact, slow growing, rounded, deciduous, handsome small tree or large shrub, very showy in bloom.
Flower:  Fragrant flowers pink in bud, open to nearly pure white in spring. 3 to 4” in diameter, with 25 to 30 petals each.
Likes sun to part shade.
H 10’-15’ W 10’-12’

Magnolia ‘Susan’

(M. liliiflora ‘Nigra’ x M. stellata ‘Rosea’)
Shape:  Compact habit, rounded small tree or shrub, ideal for smaller gardens, easy to place.
Flower:  Fragrant reddish purple flowers in mid spring. Has long, slender, erect red-purple buds, with 6 deeply toned tepals opening to 5″. The tepals give a slightly twisted display.
Likes sun to part shade.
H 6’-8’ W 6’-8’

Magnolia ‘Vulcan’

(Magnolia campbelii ‘Lanarth’ x M. lilliflora)
Shape:  Vigorous upright deciduous tree, with an erect open habit.
Foliage:  Large textured leaves.
:  Flowers in mid-spring. Declared the finest Jury hybrid to date, this stunning selection from New Zealand has fragrant, heavy textured, rounded blooms of the most amazing ruby red. Although it flowers from a very young age, the full richness of the colour will develop as the plant matures.
Likes acid soil.
Likes sun to part shade.
H 20’-25’ W to 25’

Malus ‘Red Sentinel’ (Crabapple)

Healthy, upright habit
Good for narrow spaces
Scented white flowers are followed by rich red fruits
Likes sun
H 20’-25’ W 12’-15’

Malus ‘Royal Raindrops’ (Crabapple)

Upright spreading habit.
Pinkish red flowers.
Deep purple foliage turns bronze/orange/purple in fall
Persistent 1/4″ red fruit.
Likes sun
H to 20’ W to 15’

Malus ‘Sargent Tina’ (Crabapple)

Shape: Small rounded dwarf tree, spreading pendulous habit 
Foliage: Medium green small leaves
Fall Colour: yellow
Flower: Bright red buds open to single white flowers
: Bright red 1/4″ fruit.
Disease resistant
Likes sun
H: to 5-6’ from graft  S: 6-8′

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