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Roses arrive at the nursery in late February as bare-root plants and are ready to be planted at that time.  We sell most of our roses this way, but we also grow roses in containers to be available by June.

We carry David Austin, Pan American and Weeks roses and place our orders with these suppliers in mid summer for the following year.  Please see the list below for some of our favourites which we tend to bring in year after year. Please note: the online database is not current at this time but will be updated in September. Feel free to drop us an email or call to reserve if there is a specific rose that you would like to get.

If you’re looking for a specific variety of David Austin, Pan American or Weeks roses, you can pre-order with us until the end of July. Hard copies of the 2019 rose catalogues are currently available at the nursery, or you can view the digital versions by clicking on the links above.


For more general information about our roses please see our Rose Information page.

Shrubs and Climbers:
Bare Root: $21.99
5 gallon: $39.99

David Austin – English:
Bare Root: $34.99
5 gallon: $49.99

Flower Carpet:
Bare Root: $17.99
2 gallon: $24.99

Tree Roses:
7 gallon: $79.00
David Austin: $79.00

ROSA GYMNOCARPA: Shrub (Species)

Native to B.C. AKA Baldhip Rose or Wood Rose
Can get to 2 metres in height, usually less. Five petalled, light pink flowers from May – July. Red hips. This is a shade tolerant woodland plant.
Potted in 1 gallon available now.

ROSA NUTKANA: Shrub (Species)

Native to B.C.  Tall, spreading; Single medium pink flowers; Bright orange hips and red stems are beautiful in winter. Use as a hedge, barrier, with other native plants. Will form a thicket. Tough and drought tolerant. Potted in 1 gallon available now.

ROSA RUGOSA: Shrub (Species)

H: to 6’ Shades of white to dark pink. Repeat flowering. Large red hips. Extremely tough and hardy and will grow almost anywhere. Spreads widely from suckers. Use as hedging, a barrier, groundcover or specimen. Best choice for exposed areas. Does not like hard pruning or chemical sprays. Potted in 2 gallon, available now.


H:3-4′ x 3-4′ The old fashioned unusual flowers of orangey-gold are suffused with pink and a gold reverse. The exquisite pointy and shapely buds are held above very glossy dark green foliage. Moderate fruity and spice/cinnamon fragrance.

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