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Roses 2018

 SPRING 2018

There is still a good selection ‘bare root’ roses available, however some of the varieties listed below are now only available as a potted plant towards the end of May . Have a browse and feel free to drop us an email at  or call to reserve if there is a specific rose that you would like to get.

If there is a specific rose that you do not see on our list we can try and order it for you for February 2019. Please contact us with your request by the end of May as we have to place the orders in June.


For more general information about our roses please see our Rose Information page.

Shrubs and Climbers:
Bare Root: $21.99
5 gallon: $39.99

David Austin – English:
Bare Root: $34.99
5 gallon: $49.99

Flower Carpet:
Bare Root: $17.99
2 gallon: $24.99

Tree Roses:
7 gallon: $79.00
David Austin: $79.00


PARADE DAY: Hybrid Tea

H: 6’+ x S:4′ This brightly colored selection offers large blooms of intense, eye catching fuchsia pink splashed with light pink. Incredibly prolific blooms have excellent color retention and appear in small clusters. Moderate fragrance of citrus with hints of spice.  Large glossy green leaves.

Patio Rose – BE MY BABY: Miniature

H: 20-24″ x S: 18-24″  Lots of very shapely red buds open to luminous pink blossoms with very classy form. Each rich pink petal has just a touch of yellow at the very base, giving the flower an inner glow. Mild apple fragrance. Deep glossy green foliage.

Patio Rose – COFFEE BEAN: Miniature

H: 12-24″ x S: 12-24″ If you love the unique color of Hot Cocoa, you won’t want to miss to this baby version with its blossoms of smoky red-orange inside and shiny rusty-orange on the outside. Mild tea fragrance. Deep glossy green leaves.

Patio Rose – CUTIE PIE: Miniature

H: 12-24″ x S: 18-24 Peach and yellow blend blushed with dark pink. Slightly fruity fragrance. Suitable for patio or to tuck in small garden.

Patio Rose – LEMON DROP: Miniature

H: 18-24″ x S: 12-18″ Lemon yellow ruffled blooms with a mild fruity fragrance. loads of old-fashioned formed flowers, lots of bright green clean leaves, long-lasting color, good vigor and attractive habit. Its colour intensifies in cooler climates. Lemon Drop’s color intensifies as the weather cools.  With its good vigor and attractive habit, this miniature rose is a great choice for front borders, accents in rock gardens, in planter boxes and containers.


H: 3-4’ x  S: 3’ A beautiful, even shade of dark pink with glossy green foliage. Sweet scented with peony and spice.


H: 3.5′ x S: 2.5′ Unusually large deeply cut blooms are a warm glowing pink. Light tea fragrance. Very healthy variety.

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