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Our 2021 catalogue is now ready for spring ordering!


Send us an email (russellnursery@telus.net) or phone us at 250-656-0384 with your pre-orders.


Sorry, but we are not able to ship plants.


Roses arrive at the nursery in late February as bare-root plants and are ready to be planted at that time.  We sell most of our roses this way, but we also grow roses in containers to be available in May and June.

We carry David Austin, Pan American and Weeks roses and place our orders with these suppliers in mid summer for the following year.

For more general information about our roses please see our Rose Information page.


Pricing for 2020

Pricing subject to change for 2021 season.

Shrubs and Climbers:
Bare root: $24.99
5 gallon potted: $39.99
Flower Carpet:
Bare root: $19.99
2 gallon potted: $29.99
David Austin:
Bare root: $39.99
5 gallon potted: $49.99
Tree Roses (potted):
Patio: $59.00
36″: $89.00
David Austin: $89.00


HANSA: Shrub (Rugosa Hybrid)

H: 4’ x S: 5’ Upright habit. Large, semi-double, deep magenta flowers. Intoxicating fragrance. Large orange, red hips. Medium green, glossy crinkled foliage with good fall colour. Tough and highly disease resistant. Avoid chemical sprays. Good for exposed sites.

HARLOW CARR: David Austin

H: 4’ x S: 3’ A tough little rose that bears flowers of the most perfect formation – shallow cups of the purest rose pink. It has a strong, pure Old Rose fragrance that has been described as reminiscent of rose-based cosmetics. The plant has a bushy habit, maturing into an attractively rounded shrub with its flowers almost to ground level. The young foliage is bronze at first, later becoming green.

HEATHCLIFF: David Austin

H: 4’ X S: 3’ Upright habit. Large, fully double, deep crimson flowers  with a deep rosette shape. Strong fragrance with overtones of cedar. Healthy with dark green shiny leaves.

HOT COCOA: Floribunda

H: 3’ x S: 3’ Bushy. Smokey chocolate orange. Moderate Old Rose fragrance. Unique colour. Very healthy. Good repeat bloom.

HUNTER: Rugosa

Very showy fragrant double brilliant red flowers from early summer into fall. The only true crimson bloom found in the rugosa group. A plant with lovely, shiny dark green foliage that is drought and heat tolerant.

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