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Roses 2018

 SPRING 2018

There is still a good selection ‘bare root’ roses available, however some of the varieties listed below are now only available as a potted plant towards the end of May . Have a browse and feel free to drop us an email at  or call to reserve if there is a specific rose that you would like to get.

If there is a specific rose that you do not see on our list we can try and order it for you for February 2019. Please contact us with your request by the end of May as we have to place the orders in June.


For more general information about our roses please see our Rose Information page.

Shrubs and Climbers:
Bare Root: $21.99
5 gallon: $39.99

David Austin – English:
Bare Root: $34.99
5 gallon: $49.99

Flower Carpet:
Bare Root: $17.99
2 gallon: $24.99

Tree Roses:
7 gallon: $79.00
David Austin: $79.00


CARDING MILL: English Rose (Leander Group)

H: 4’ x S: 3.5’ Mixed shades of pink, apricot and yellow. Strong myrrh fragrance. Bushy, rounded, healthy habit. Flowers nod slightly on strong stems. Good repeat blooming.

CL. AUTUMN SUNSET: Modern Climber

H: 8’-12’ Clusters of large, double warm apricot gold flowers; Strong fruity fragrance; Free flowering from the first year, blooms on old and new wood; Super disease resistant; Vigorous, shiny green foliage. Sport of Westerland.

CL. GOLDEN SHOWERS: Modern Climber

H: 12-14′ Abundant clusters of ruffled pure yellow flowers. Sweet licorice fragrance. Bright green leaves. Blooms on new and old wood. Cool temperatures give best color & size. Free flowering.


H: 10-12′ (Can be pruned to keep as a bush. Tall and upright. Rich topaz yellow, double cup shaped flowers with some fragrance. Free flowering over a long season. Strong and healthy grower. Heavily laden branches may need some support. Shade tolerant.

CL. ICEBERG: Floribunda

H: 10’ -14’ Climbing form of an old favourite. Clusters of ice white blooms. Slight mild honey fragrance. Mostly summer flowering. Very showy in bloom. Provide good air circulation to guard against mildew. Shade tolerant.


8’ as a climber(4′ as shrub). The young buds are a rich orange-red, opening to form chalice-shaped blooms. Pleasant, warm tea fragrance, with hints of spice apple and cloves. The mid-green leaves have attractive, slightly bronzed tones when young. Highly resistant to disease.


H: 4- 10′ x S: 4′ A strong-growing shrub. Large, almost single, creamy-white flowers are produced in closely packed, large bunches.  An excellent pillar rose, it also threads through fences, frames windows, and reaches through open-habit shrubs to find the sky. A free flowering rose that is nearly always in bloom. Light fragrance. Tolerant of some shade.


H:6-8’’ (can be pruned to keep as a shrub). The centre petals form a rich, deep yellow cup, while the outer petals fall back and fade to palest yellow providing a most pleasing, two-tone effect. The growth is strong but graceful, displaying the flowers nicely. Pleasant, medium-strong Tea Rose fragrance. Good disease-resistance and repeat-flowering.

CL. THE LADY OF THE LAKE: English Rose – Rambler

H: to 15′ S: 7-8′ Produces long and slender flexible stems that bear sprays of semi-double flowers with a lovely, delicate blush pink colour. Each about two inches across, with an open formation, exposing golden stamens with a citrus fragrance.  It repeat flowers regularly throughout the summer.

CL. THE PILGRIM: English Rose

H: 8’ (H: 4.5’ x S: 3’ as shrub) An excellent pure yellow rose, that combines unusually strong and healthy growth with blooms of the utmost delicacy and charm. Its fine fragrance is a perfect balance between a classic Tea scent and the English Rose, myrrh fragrance.


H: 8-12′ x S: 4′ Pastel pink flowers coming on in clusters of large fully double blooms and a strong clove spice and old rose scent. Blooms on new and old wood and will bloom the first season. One that is sturdy enough for cutting. Flower size: 4-5″.

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