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We grow a lot of what we sell, often from small bare root starter plants and ‘plugs’ that are grown on to saleable size. We also bring in ‘finished’ plants that are ready for sale when they arrive. Local sources are always the first choice, from Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland but some of our plants like the Japanese Maples come from further afield.

The plants are container grown in bark based potting mix and are fed with high quality, slow-release granular fertilizer (‘Pro Hort’) or organic liquid fertilizer (‘Orgunique’). Beneficial insects and other organic controls are used to deal with pest problems. Pesticides are rarely used, and only as a last resort.

Availability changes over the year. Please come in, call, or email if you have a query about a specific plant.

Annuals – Seasonal basket stuffers, bedding plants and container plants are available in late spring through mid-fall.

Bulbs – Available in the nursery from September to December for fall planting and spring bloom.

Small Fruits – Blueberries, cane fruits, strawberries, figs and more are available most of the year, but the best selection is in the spring.

Herbs – Perennial and annual herbs are available most of the year, with the best selection in late spring and early summer.

Ornamental Grasses – One of our staff members has a keen interest in grasses that has resulted in one of the best collections in town. Grasses are best planted in the spring and summer and that’s when you’ll find the best selection.

Perennials – We love perennials and have a wide selection available year round in both 4 inch and 1 gallon pots. Visit often to see what’s in bloom and looking great.

Shrubs and Conifers – We stock an ever changing selection of deciduous and evergreen shrubs for all seasons and for all types of conditions: wet, dry, sun, shade etc. Good selection year round.

Vegetables – A year round proposition in Victoria! Veggie starts of one kind or another are available from February until August. (FYI: Winter vegetables should be planted in mid-summer!)

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