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Better Pomes and Gardens … A Plant ID Contest (With Prizes!!)

Our plant ID contest is now closed. Congratulations to our three lucky winners! Curious what the answers were? See below.


In winter, when the leaves hit the ground, how can you know which plant is which? One useful clue comes from recognizing the seeds, cones, nuts, pomes, etc., that become all the more visible when the leaves depart.

Image 1 – Crataegus

What are the lovely red berries in the photo?

You tell us!

Identify the genus of the plant that these richly-coloured beauties come from along with the genus of the other 9 plants in the photos (see below). Once you’ve identified each plant (10 in total!), email your plant ID list to russellnursery@telus.net.

Name them all correctly and you will be entered to win a Russell Nursery “Smarty Plants” Gift Certificate worth $25.00. Three prizes are offered. Get your entries in by Thurs Dec 3rd at midnight to be eligible. Winners will be notified via email.

Hint: all the featured plants can be found on the premises of Russell Nursery. Good luck and have fun!

Image 2 – Styrax

Image 3 – Leycesteria

Image 4 – Symphoricarpos

Image 5 – Ligustrum

Image 6 – Callicarpa

Image 7 – Cryptomeria

Image 8 – Berberis

Image 9 – Cotoneaster

Image 10 – Viburnum

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