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Putting the Garden to Bed, Lasagna Style!

Posted by admin in General, Maintenance, Soil, Winter

By Faye With shorter days, colder nights and the last glorious fall colours fluttering to the ground, my veggie beds are tucked in for their winter sleep. Most of us know about ‘lasagna gardening‘ (just Google it) for building new beds but I decided to use this method to give my hard-working soil an extra treat

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What to Do Now with Winter Veggie Beds?

Posted by admin in Edible Gardening, Maintenance, Winter

By Faye If you, like me, are admiring your nicely established winter crops in the garden, then it’s worth the little bit of time it takes now to make sure everything stays healthy throughout the cold season. Mulching and some staking are needed to protect winter crops from the elements.   It’s been a while since

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Posted by admin in Design, Plant Choices, Winter

By Patty Latin Name Common Name Plant Type Attractive Features Peak Conditions Berries and Seedheads Aronia melonocarpa ‘Autumn Magic’ deciduous shrub fall colour, shiny black berries Oct-Jan sun/p.shade Callicarpa bodinieri ‘Profusion’ “Beauty Berry” deciduous shrub unique colour of purple berries Oct-Dec sun/p.shade Cornus mas “Cornelian Cherry” deciduous shrub red berries in fall, spidery yellow flowers

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Irresistible Hellebores

Posted by admin in Containers, Flowers, Perennials, Plant Choices, Winter

By Susan It’s hard to resist the siren call of hellebores.  Winter blooming, in a wide variety of colour and form, they are long lived and don’t even need dividing. All that and they are both drought tolerant and deer resistant! No wonder we love them.  They are the most collectible of plants. Helleborus niger

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Start Now To Foil Next Season’s Pests

Posted by admin in Maintenance, Pests/Diseases, Winter

There is much we can do between now and spring to eliminate or lessen the damage from insects and disease. We in southern BC are very fortunate to have food-growing expert, author and entymologist Linda Gilkeson, PhD in our midst. She has generously provided the information for this article.(www.lindgilkeson.ca) TO DO NOW: Mulch, mulch, mulch!

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Winter Pruning of Climbing Roses

Posted by admin in Maintenance, Winter

Winter is the best time to prune modern repeat climbers as all the old leaves need to be picked off anyway, so may as well prune at the same time. (Once blooming old roses and ramblers are best when pruned in the summer after flowering) The key to climbers is to train the canes as

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Protecting Your Winter Vegetable Garden

Posted by Russell Nursery in Edible Gardening, Maintenance, Pests/Diseases, Winter

Most of the vegetables suitable for the winter garden are perfectly hardy, but minor protective measures will ensure a greater harvest, better quality leaves, and cleaner produce.  I’ve grown kale, leeks, chard and purple sprouting broccoli in a raised bed with no protection over the winter other than leaves covering the soil. The soil needs

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Winter Jewels

Posted by Russell Nursery in Plant Choices, Trees, Winter

Brilliant bark, deceptively delicate flowers and the jewel tones of berries and persistent fruits that pop against winter’s muted greys and browns; there is nothing quite like a flash of bright colour on an otherwise dreary day to gladden the heart and to entice us outdoors for a closer look.  Just because its winter doesn’t

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