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Ten Tips For Successful Planting

Posted by admin in Maintenance, Trees

  The principle of ‘Do it once, do it right’ definitely applies to planting. Get new plants off to a good start by paying attention to the basics. You will be glad you did. 1. Plants Grow!  The most common planting mistake is not allowing enough space between plants. Read plant tags carefully to determine appropriate site and spacing.  

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Sharpen Your Shovels, it’s Time to Transplant!

Posted by admin in Conifers, Maintenance, Shrubs, Trees

By Brian Russell Established woody plants (trees, shrubs and conifers) are best moved when they are fully dormant. In our climate, this means November, December, January or early February. In theory you can move just about anything if you have enough determination and manpower (or womanpower!) The tree in these photos is an Acer palmatum

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Seasonal Stars in the Garden

Posted by Russell Nursery in Design, Grasses, Shrubs, Trees

Do you find that there are times of year when your garden fades, when there is nothing stellar to notice and you have to say to guests “wait until fall (spring, winter or summer); my garden really looks good THEN!”
The secret to having a year-round beautiful landscape lies in planning ahead, cultivating plants which will

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Planting Trees and Shrubs

Posted by Russell Nursery in Planting, Shrubs, Trees

He that plants a tree loves others beside himself – Thomas Fuller 1.  Before Planting. Take a moment to consider something that could make a huge difference in the health of your plant. What kind of soil and drainage does the site have? Most failures of new plantings in coastal BC are due to waterlogged

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How To Care For A Young Tree

Posted by Russell Nursery in Maintenance, Trees

by Susan The decision has been made, the hole dug and the tree planted, following all the instructions of course! Now what? Research has shown that newly planted trees take two years to establish. During that time young trees or older trees that have been transplanted are sensitive to environmental stresses, nutrient deficiencies and pest

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Trees Are The Lungs Of The Earth

Posted by Russell Nursery in Design, Plant Choices, Trees

National Tree Day was September 25, and it seems fitting to acknowledge this by paying tribute to the elders of our plant world, the lofty and noble tree.  We as a species simply could not exist on Earth without trees. Most people know that trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. But it’s way more

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Winter Jewels

Posted by Russell Nursery in Plant Choices, Trees, Winter

Brilliant bark, deceptively delicate flowers and the jewel tones of berries and persistent fruits that pop against winter’s muted greys and browns; there is nothing quite like a flash of bright colour on an otherwise dreary day to gladden the heart and to entice us outdoors for a closer look.  Just because its winter doesn’t

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Totally Terrific Trees – Fabulous new finds, and a few old favourites.

Posted by Russell Nursery in Trees

It’s not every day that the opportunity arises to plant a tree, but when it does it’s important to choose the right one.  There are lots of things to consider – height, spread, growing conditions and sight lines to name a few, not to mention ornamental qualities.   If you have trees on your mind this fall,

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