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Pruning Rhododendrons

Posted by admin in Maintenance, Shrubs

By Susan   Well grown rhodos will be bushy, with leaves covering the whole plant. Poorly grown rhodos are often leggy and bare. The difference usually comes down to maintenance pruning, which should be done on an annual basis. Plan to cut back about 10% of the plant every year. Cut back select branches to

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Simple Containers

Posted by admin in Containers, Flowers, Grasses, Perennials, Shrubs

 by Susan Tice Colourful containers sprouted up everywhere when we moved to our current home and we suddenly had lots of sun. My long pent up desire for pots overflowing with petunias and other summer beauties could be indulged almost endlessly. A few years later, the novelty wore off a little – it was a

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Sharpen Your Shovels, it’s Time to Transplant!

Posted by admin in Conifers, Maintenance, Shrubs, Trees

By Brian Russell Established woody plants (trees, shrubs and conifers) are best moved when they are fully dormant. In our climate, this means November, December, January or early February. In theory you can move just about anything if you have enough determination and manpower (or womanpower!) The tree in these photos is an Acer palmatum

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Seasonal Stars in the Garden

Posted by Russell Nursery in Design, Grasses, Shrubs, Trees

Do you find that there are times of year when your garden fades, when there is nothing stellar to notice and you have to say to guests “wait until fall (spring, winter or summer); my garden really looks good THEN!”
The secret to having a year-round beautiful landscape lies in planning ahead, cultivating plants which will

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Planting Trees and Shrubs

Posted by Russell Nursery in Planting, Shrubs, Trees

He that plants a tree loves others beside himself – Thomas Fuller 1.  Before Planting. Take a moment to consider something that could make a huge difference in the health of your plant. What kind of soil and drainage does the site have? Most failures of new plantings in coastal BC are due to waterlogged

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Strategic Pruning for Better Bloom

Posted by Russell Nursery in Maintenance, Shrubs

Improper or badly timed pruning is often the reason that flowering shrubs bloom poorly or not at all. A little insight into a plant’s growth and flowering habits can be used to plan how and when to prune. Only a few pieces of key information are presented here, so consult a good pruning book for

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