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Plants For Bumblebees

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Courtesy of Lori Weidenhammer A link to Lori’s Blog. * Denotes a medicinal plant for bees BOLD denotes special interest for bumblebee plants (buzz pollinated, longer corollas or special relationships, ie trip pollination) Native and Near Native Shrubs: Willow (Salix spp.) maybe the most important plant for honeybees and significant for bumblebee queens, Red Osier Dogwood (Cornus sericea)

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HarkAway Botanicals introduces: Hakonechloa SunFlareTM

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BC nurseryman introduces new plant to International market In 2017, Lyle Courtice of HarkAway Botanicals, in association with Concept Plants B.V. will release their latest introduction into the horticultural trade. Hakonechloa macra SunFlareTM is the first-ever international new plant introduction being offered in Europe and many countries including Japan, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, the

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Simple Containers

Posted by admin in Containers, Flowers, Grasses, Perennials, Shrubs

 by Susan Tice Colourful containers sprouted up everywhere when we moved to our current home and we suddenly had lots of sun. My long pent up desire for pots overflowing with petunias and other summer beauties could be indulged almost endlessly. A few years later, the novelty wore off a little – it was a

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Irresistible Hellebores

Posted by admin in Containers, Flowers, Perennials, Plant Choices, Winter

By Susan It’s hard to resist the siren call of hellebores.  Winter blooming, in a wide variety of colour and form, they are long lived and don’t even need dividing. All that and they are both drought tolerant and deer resistant! No wonder we love them.  They are the most collectible of plants. Helleborus niger

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A Fondness for Ferns

Posted by admin in Design, Perennials

By Laurie Ferns are emotive plants that can conjure up visions of other places and times. Ferns give a garden a sense of permanence, timelessness, of always having been there; which is no wonder, as they have been around for over 300 million years! Ferns don’t seduce us with flowers, but instead offer exquisite fiddleheads

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Specialty Plants

Posted by admin in Containers, Perennials

Are you a plant collector? Do you seek out rare and unusual specimens? Plants are like people, there are some rare gems among the crowd, and they are worth the effort to find. We have often been considered a source of unique items, making it worth the drive to North Saanich to find us. We

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For The Love Of Flowers, Start A Cutting Garden

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By Faye  Most of us want to bring the beauty and fragrance of flowers into our homes, but worry about plundering the garden beds by cutting off blooms. The solution? Plant a cutting garden! It needn’t be large but, if well planned, will reward you with glorious bouquets all season long. A few guidelines and

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Hellebores Are Happy

Posted by admin in Maintenance, Perennials

Keep your hellebores happy and show their charming faces! These easy care perennials ask only one thing of you, and that is to cut back their old leathery leaves in very early spring, right about now. New leaves will quickly take their place; put the old ones in the garbage not compost, as they can

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