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Turf the Turf

Posted by Russell Nursery in Design, Lawns, Maintenance

by Faye The great Canadian lawn. Is it an oasis upon which to rest and rejuvenate your spirit, or is it a monstrous thirsty fraud? The pros and cons of keeping or killing turfgrass have become hot button issues for gardeners of all shades of green. Historically, the lawn signified the emergence of the middle

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Controlling Moss In Lawns

Posted by Russell Nursery in Lawns, Maintenance

Moss thrives in our rainy climate and naturally acidic soils. It loves wet, poorly drained soil and does best in shady spots where the grass struggles to grow. The only way to really solve a moss problem is to determine and remedy the cause. Drainage: Improve the porosity and drainage of your soil by aerating

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The Turf Is Turfed!

Posted by Russell Nursery in Design, Lawns

by Faye Last fall I wrote an article, Turf The Turf, about getting rid of lawns, and have been pondering this possibility ever since. My front lawn wasn’t huge, nor was it golf course perfect. It was passable, and along with the quack grass-infested beds that surrounded it, it was a source of stress in my otherwise

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