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Simple Containers

Posted by admin in Containers, Flowers, Grasses, Perennials, Shrubs

 by Susan Tice Colourful containers sprouted up everywhere when we moved to our current home and we suddenly had lots of sun. My long pent up desire for pots overflowing with petunias and other summer beauties could be indulged almost endlessly. A few years later, the novelty wore off a little – it was a

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Caring for Ornamental Grasses

Posted by admin in Grasses, Maintenance

By Laurie   Caring for Ornamental Grasses Customers at the nursery are often asking about how to care for ornamental grasses. It can get confusing. Grasses don’t ask for much in terms of maintenance, but most do require cutting back and some need periodic division. This article summarizes when and how to do both. A

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Seasonal Stars in the Garden

Posted by Russell Nursery in Design, Grasses, Shrubs, Trees

Do you find that there are times of year when your garden fades, when there is nothing stellar to notice and you have to say to guests “wait until fall (spring, winter or summer); my garden really looks good THEN!”
The secret to having a year-round beautiful landscape lies in planning ahead, cultivating plants which will

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Japan Through The Eyes Of A Canadian Gardener

Posted by Russell Nursery in Design, General, Grasses, Plant Choices

Autumn in Japan may not have the caché of a springtime visit in cherry blossom time, but to a gardener it evokes every bit as much awe and delight.  And we have our own cherry blossom time right here in Victoria, don’t we? Visiting family in Tokyo, I’ve had the pleasure of living the Japanese

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