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Repotting Large Containers

Posted by admin in Containers, Maintenance

By Susan   Occasionally Japanese maples, roses, bamboo (especially bamboo!) and other large container plants need to be re-potted. How can you tell if it’s time? If you feel that a particular plant didn’t do so well last year, or that water ran right through the pot without being absorbed, then it probably is. Repotting

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Start Now To Foil Next Season’s Pests

Posted by admin in Maintenance, Pests/Diseases, Winter

There is much we can do between now and spring to eliminate or lessen the damage from insects and disease. We in southern BC are very fortunate to have food-growing expert, author and entymologist Linda Gilkeson, PhD in our midst. She has generously provided the information for this article.(www.lindgilkeson.ca) TO DO NOW: Mulch, mulch, mulch!

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Winter Pruning of Climbing Roses

Posted by admin in Maintenance, Winter

Winter is the best time to prune modern repeat climbers as all the old leaves need to be picked off anyway, so may as well prune at the same time. (Once blooming old roses and ramblers are best when pruned in the summer after flowering) The key to climbers is to train the canes as

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Controlling Moss In Lawns

Posted by Russell Nursery in Lawns, Maintenance

Moss thrives in our rainy climate and naturally acidic soils. It loves wet, poorly drained soil and does best in shady spots where the grass struggles to grow. The only way to really solve a moss problem is to determine and remedy the cause. Drainage: Improve the porosity and drainage of your soil by aerating

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Tending Your Winter Vegetables In October

Posted by Russell Nursery in Edible Gardening, Maintenance, Pests/Diseases

Mid October has finally brought the first rains of the season, as we say goodbye to the lovely, long late summer.  Has there ever been a fall as gorgeous as this one? The extended fall has unfortunately enabled those evil white cabbage moths to produce yet another generation of their voracious offspring.  Even today, I

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Spring Haircuts For Shrubs: Pruning To Avoid ‘Bad Hair Days’

Posted by Russell Nursery in Maintenance

I look back with horror on how I used to prune my shrubs. Akin to a “bowl cut” for hair, basically I just trimmed off the ends of branches to keep shrubs the size and shape I wanted, resulting in a “witches broom”, a scary hairstyle indeed. Alternatively, I didn’t prune at all, favouring the

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Late Winter In The Garden; Hellebores And Epimediums

Posted by Russell Nursery in Maintenance

It’s very tempting to call this Early Spring, but let’s not risk jinxing it.  CBC even threatened possible snow for next weekend, so I’ll be careful what I say.  Was it my thought of starting some seeding that brought back the cold weather?? It’s still very wet and muddy out there, so there shouldn’t be

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Amending Your Soil For Winter

Posted by Russell Nursery in Edible Gardening, General, Maintenance

We are all used to a blanket making us cozy and warm in the cold days of winter, but feeding us too? Well that’s what winter mulch can do for your garden; nourish the soil and protect it from rain and freezing temperatures. It may seem mysterious, but really all you need to do is

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Some Compost Tea, A Bale Of Straw, And Thou

Posted by Russell Nursery in Edible Gardening, General

With profound apologies to Omar Khayyam; we’ve come a long way since the 11th Century. Compost tea and straw are elixirs for the modern gardener.  Better than that “jug of wine, a loaf of bread and thou”?  Uh, maybe not, but much appreciated by your happy plants. Compost tea is just about the easiest thing

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Spring Haircuts for Evergreen Ferns

Posted by Russell Nursery in General

Every spring I look forward to the ritual of cutting back my evergreen ferns. Although it won’t harm them to leave them alone, by cutting off the old growth you make room for the fresh new fronds to show through.  As soon as the soil warms enough to start the new growth, you will notice

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