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2019/2020 CATALOGUE


**Please note: Our catalogue does not reflect current availability.

We will update the catalogue in August to reflect bare root availability for spring 2020.


Our suppliers catalogues for spring 2020 are available here (David Austin, Weeks, Pan American)

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Roses arrive at the nursery in late February as bare-root plants and are ready to be planted at that time.  We sell most of our roses this way, but we also grow roses in containers to be available by June.

We carry David Austin, Pan American and Weeks roses and place our orders with these suppliers in mid summer for the following year.


For more general information about our roses please see our Rose Information page.

Shrubs and Climbers:
Bare Root: $24.99
5 gallon: $39.99

David Austin:
Bare Root: $34.99
5 gallon: $49.99

Flower Carpet:
Bare Root: $17.99
2 gallon: $24.99

Tree Roses:
7 gallon: $79.00
David Austin: $79.00

Note: Clean ‘n’ EasyTM roses are a Pan American selection of roses which are extremely easy to grow. They have excellent disease resistance and amazing bouquet-style blooms. This year’s selection includes: ‘Archbishop Desmond Tutu’, ‘Beverly’, ‘Eternal Flame’, ‘Francis Meilland’, ‘Grand Amore’, ‘Le Petit Prince’, ‘Perfumed Breeze’, ‘St. Tropez’ and ‘Summer Sun’.


H: 4’ X S: 3.5’ (6-8 ft. as a climber). The centre petals form a rich, deep yellow cup, while the outer petals fall back and fade to palest yellow providing a most pleasing, two-tone effect. The growth is strong but graceful, displaying the flowers nicely. Pleasant, medium-strong Tea Rose fragrance. Good disease-resistance and repeat-flowering.


H: 4′ x S: 3.5′ (6-8′ as a climber). Large, bright crimson blooms. They are beautifully formed; deeply cupped with loosely packed petals intertwined at the centre of each bloom. There is a pleasing Old Rose fragrance. It is a good choice for cutting for arrangements in the home. It forms a healthy, medium-sized shrub with robust, bushy and spreading growth. May need some summer pruning if grown as a shrub.


H: 5’ x S: 3’ An impressive variety, bearing masses of very large pink blooms almost continually from June until the first frosts. They have a strong, warm myrrh fragrance.

THE DARK LADY: David Austin

H: 4’ x S: 4’ A dark crimson rose, with rather loosely formed flowers that open wide and hang elegantly – reminiscent of the flowers of tree peonies There is a light Old Rose fragrance. A slow grower it bears attractive, large, dark green leaves which are rough in texture, resembling those of its Rosa rugosa parentage. Give this rose a sunny sheltered spot. (vn)

THE FAIRY: Polyantha Rose

H: 2.5’ x S: 3’ A very useful little shrub with graceful, spreading and fan-like growth. Sprays of tiny, soft pink pompon flowers. Flowers almost continuously from June  till frost. Tough, reliable and disease-free.


H: 5′ x S: 4′ (Can be trained as a climber.) A soft glowing pink at the centre, shading to palest pink on the outer petals. Delicious fragrance with aspects of Old Rose, musk and myrrh. Strong, elegantly arching growth with polished dark green foliage. It is highly resistant to disease.


H: 3.5’ x S: 2.5’ Large 4″ blooms, a beautiful shade of rich pure apricot that pales towards the outside of the bloom. Strong Tea fragrance which has hints of cedar wood and vanilla. Repeat flowering, standing up well to rain and disease resistant.


H: 5′ x S: 3′ Tall and airy growing habit. The cupped flowers are a pleasing light apricot colour, produced from the ground upwards in heads of up to fifteen, nicely spaced blooms. They have a light fragrance between Tea and myrrh.

THE PILGRIM: David Austin

H: 4.5’ x S: 3’ (8’ + as climber) An excellent pure yellow rose, that combines unusually strong and healthy growth with blooms of the utmost delicacy and charm. Its fine fragrance is a perfect balance between a classic Tea scent and the English Rose, myrrh fragrance.

THE POET’S WIFE: David Austin

H: 4’ x S: 3’ An unfading, strong yellow bloom and shiny green foliage. The growth is low and naturally rounded, making it an ideal rose for a position towards the front of the border. There is a rich fragrance with strong lemon tints at first, becoming sweeter and stronger with age.

TOP GUN: Shrub

H: 3-4’ x 3-4′ This rounded, bushy, well-behaved rose produces vigorous stems ending with clusters of long-lasting red flowers. A moderate fruity fragrance and excellent disease resistance.


H: 2-5’ x S: to 7’ Large, arching, bushy habit, Clusters of pale yellow, aging to cream, semi-double flowers with showy orange stamens. Fruity fragrance. No hips. Free flowering and vigorous. Healthy and tough.

Tree Rose 18” Trunk – ALL A TWITTER: Miniature

H: 12-16″ x S: 18-24″ Loads of shiny bright orange blooms sparkle against the abundant deep glossy green leaves…and they carry that bright color well through the life of the flower. Mild tea fragrance. Great for in a patio pot or tucked into the garden border. .

Tree Rose 18” Trunk – CUTIE PIE: Miniature

H: 12-24″ x S: 18-24 Peach and yellow blend blushed with dark pink. Slightly fruity fragrance. Suitable for patio pot.

Tree Rose 18” Trunk – RAINBOW’S END: Miniature

When grown in full sun the light red on the petals on this 2″ bloom become a dark red. The flowers first open as a deep yellow, flush with dark red as the flowers fade to a pink. The plant usually has all three stages on it at any given time making it look as though there are 3 different roses on the same plant.

Tree Rose 18” Trunk – RUBY RUBY: Miniature

H: 1’ x S: 1’ Lots of glossy leaves covered with perfectly pointed cheery cherry-red buds that turn into big clusters of fully double flowers which hold their ruby ruby color to the very finish. Suitable for patio pot.

Tree Rose 36” Trunk – ALL DRESSED UP: Grandiflora

H: 5′ x S: 4′ Long lasting and non-fading medium pink classic old-fashioned, cupped and quartered blossoms, produced on long cutting stems with a crisp, green apple fragrance. Vigorous tall and upright stature with large, dark green, and glossy foliage, with enhanced disease resistance.

Tree Rose 36” Trunk – CELESTIAL NIGHT: Floribunda

H: 3-4’ x S: 2-3’ Big, double ruffled blooms of a deep plum purple on a hardy, rounded plant. Good disease resistance and vigor with a pleasing subtle fragrance.

Tree Rose 36” Trunk – DARCEY BUSSELL: David Austin

H: 2.5’ X S: 2’ Deep, rich crimson tinged with mauve. Short, shrubby habit perfect for the front of a bed or border or a large container. Sweet fruity fragrance. Upward facing blooms in the rosette style. Free flowering.

Tree Rose 36” Trunk – DORIS DAY: Floribunda

H: 4’ x S: 4’, Full of sunshine these blossoms are a pure even gold yellow with a fruity, sweet spice aroma. The old-fashioned blooms are produced in beautiful rounded clusters on vigorous stems and will hold their colour until the petals drop.

Tree Rose 36” Trunk – EASY DOES IT: Floribunda

Swirls of mango orange, peach pink and ripe apricot. Large clusters of ruffled blooms with a fruity fragrance. Glossy bright green leaves. Rounded bushy habit. Vigorous, healthy.

Tree Rose 36” Trunk – EBB TIDE: Floribunda

Huge 5” smoky plum purple flowers. Strong spicy clove fragrance. Old fashioned in appearance. Gets better and produces more blooms as it becomes established.

Tree Rose 36” Trunk – FIRE FIGHTER: Hybrid Tea

Upright with long-stems bearing rich-red exceptionally fragrant (fruity, musk, old rose) blooms. A vigorous bushy plant with semi-glossy, deep green leaves. This repeat blooming rose is almost thornless, can take the heat and is disease resistant.

Tree Rose 36” Trunk – HOT COCOA: Floribunda

H: 3’ x S: 3’ Bushy. Smokey chocolate orange. Moderate Old Rose fragrance. Unique colour. Very healthy. Good repeat bloom.

Tree Rose 36” Trunk – ICEBERG: Floribunda

Clusters of ice white blooms. Slight mild honey fragrance. Mostly summer flowering. Very showy in bloom. Provide good air circulation to guard against mildew. Shade tolerant.

Tree Rose 36” Trunk – JULIA CHILD: Floribunda

Rounded and bushy. Butter gold. Strong licorice candy and spice fragrance. Old fashioned in appearance. Very healthy and disease resistant. Good repeat bloom. Very consistent in all climates.

Tree Rose 36” Trunk – KETCHUP & MUSTARD: Floribunda

H: 3-4′ x 3′ A velvety layer of the brightest red on a backside of darkest yellow set atop the green glossy leaves.  Better yet, the flowers hold on to their attention-getting tones to the very end…dropping from the well-behaved rounded plant just in time to welcome the next round of abundant bloom. Best flower size in cooler conditions. Mildly fragrant.

Tree Rose 36” Trunk – LADY EMMA HAMILTON: David Austin

H: 4.5’ X S: 3’ The tight buds are dark red with dashes of orange. The fully open flowers are a lovely mixture of rich tangerine-orange and yellow-orange on the outside. Strong fragrance with hints of pear, grape and citrus fruits. Fairly upright, bushy habit. Free flowering.

Tree Rose 36” Trunk – LIFE OF THE PARTY: Floribunda

H: 3-4’ X S: 3’ The cuppy old-fashioned flowers open yellow and then are kissed with a pink blush, keeping the coloration until the petals drop. Fruity fragrance and glossy green leaves. Well known favourites Julia Child and Stormy Weather are the parents.

Tree Rose 36” Trunk – LIVIN EASY/EASY GOING

 A hot, tropical blend of apricot-orange and golden yellow.

Tree Rose 36” Trunk – MEMORIAL DAY: Hybrid Tea

Enormous old-fashioned full flowers in a clear pink with a lavender wash are saturated with a strong classic old rose fragrance. Very few thorns on long stems with clean green leaves. Thrives on heat. Very disease resistant.

Tree Rose 36” Trunk – MOLINEUX: David Austin

H: 3’ x S: 2’ Beautiful rich yellow rosettes continue all season. Even upright growth and little or no disease. It has a characteristic Tea Rose fragrance with a musky background.

Tree Rose 36” Trunk – NEIL DIAMOND: Hybrid Tea

H: 5’ x S: Large 5” blooms of striking deep pink randomly striped with white are produced on long cutting stems. Intense floral aroma of sweet & classic rose fragrance. Has excellent disease resistance, grows vigorously with healthy, glossy green foliage.

Tree Rose 36” Trunk – PRETTY LADY ROSE: Hybrid Tea

H: 3-4’ X S: 3’ A beautiful, even shade of dark pink with glossy green foliage. Sweet scented with peony and spice.

Tree Rose 36” Trunk – SCEPTER’D ISLE: David Austin

H: 4’ x S: 3’ Bears numerous, cupped flowers, with visible yellow stamens.
The colour is a soft pink shading to a paler pink on the outer petals. Upright growth with its flowers held above the foliage. It flowers freely and continuously and has a powerful myrrh fragrance.

Tree Rose 36” Trunk – SUGAR MOON: Hybrid Tea

H: 4-5′ x 2-3′ This exquisite pure white hybrid tea glows like moonlight. An intensely sweet citrus and rose fragrance with good rebloom and long cutting stems.  Very dark green-black, glossy leaves with superior disease resistance.  Larger flower size in cool temps.

Tree Rose 36” Trunk – VIOLET’S PRIDE: Floribunda

H: 2-4’ x S:2-3’ Lavender with a magenta-colored heart on the inner petals. Violet’s Pride undeniably belongs to the aristocracy of the rose world with dense foliage, resilience from diseases and a sophisticated grapefruit and fruit-like fragrance.

TRUMPETER: Floribunda

H: 2’ x S: 2′ Brilliant orange-scarlet on long-lasting ruffled blossoms set against the disease-resistant glossy green foliage. Naturally compact and bushy.

TURBO: Rugosa

H: 3-4’ x S: 3-4’ This vigorous and disease resistant plant has smokey red to pink blooms that go from summer to late fall.

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