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Our 2021 catalogue is now ready for spring ordering!


Send us an email (russellnursery@telus.net) or phone us at 250-656-0384 with your pre-orders.


Sorry, but we do not offer mail order service and cannot ship bare root or potted roses.


Roses arrive at the nursery in late February as bare-root plants and are ready to be planted at that time.  We sell most of our roses this way, but we also grow roses in containers to be available in May and June.

We carry David Austin, Pan American and Weeks roses and place our orders with these suppliers in mid summer for the following year.

For more general information about our roses please see our Rose Information page.


Pricing for 2021

Shrubs and Climbers:
Bare root: $29.99
5 gallon potted: $39.99
Flower Carpet:
Bare root: $19.99
2 gallon potted: $29.99
David Austin:
Bare root: $39.99
5 gallon potted: $49.99
Tree Roses (potted):
Patio: $59.00
36″: $89.00
David Austin: $89.00


ABOUT FACE: Grandiflora

SOLD OUT H: 5-6′ x S: 3′ Unique bi-coloured flowers with golden-orange on the inside of the petals and a darker bronzy-red on the outside. A vigorous, disease resistant plant with dark green foliage. Mild fresh apple fragrance. AARS award winner 2005.


NOT AVAILABLE H: 5’ X S: 5’ (8′ as a climber)  Large arching habit. Vigorous. Peachy pink. Immense full flowers. Strong fruity fragrance. Glossy healthy foliage. Repeat flowering. Can be trained as a small climber. Excellent back of the border filler. Best with some sturdy support. No overhead watering!

ALL DRESSED UP: Grandiflora 

SOLD OUT OF BARE ROOT H: 5′ x S: 4′ Long lasting and non-fading medium pink classic old-fashioned, cupped and quartered blossoms, produced on long cutting stems with a crisp, green apple fragrance. Vigorous tall and upright stature with large, dark green, and glossy foliage, with enhanced disease resistance.


NOT AVAILABLE H: 3’ x S: 2’ Pure apricot paling around the edges. Strong, myrrh fragrance.  Neat, bushy habit. Ideal for front of border.  Tough, free flowering, healthy.


H: 3-4’ X S: 3-4’ Very tidy habit. Lustrous dark red. Produces both single and clusters of blooms. Light fragrance. Glossy dark green foliage is very disease resistant. Continuous bloom all season. Clean ‘n’ Easy

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