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The following is a list of some of the natives that we generally have for sale at some point during the growing season.  Please call 250 656-0384  or email to check current availability.

ADIANTUM PEDATUM (Maidenhair Fern)

Medium growing upright deciduous perennial
Height 12 to 18 inches
Spreads gently, not invasive.
ECOLOGY: Needs shade, likes acid soil. Prefers a cool, moist humous rich site.


Rapid growing upright deciduous broadleaf tree
Height 40 to 60 feet – Spread 25 to 30 feet
Likes sun
Likes acid soil
Brownish 2 cm. “cones” in fall
ECOLOGY: for low moist to wet areas, stream banks

AMELANCHIER ALNIFOLIA (Serviceberry or Saskatoon)

Medium growing multi-stem deciduous shrub
Height 4 to 12 feet
Showy white flowers spring, sweet black berries in summer, has good fall colours.
ECOLOGY: Likes sun/part shade. Found in well-drained dry to moist soils. Try in shrub border, edge of forest, shoreline or bank cover.

ARCTOSTAPHYLOS UVA URSI (Bearberry or Kinnikinnick)

Medium growing spreading evergreen ground cover
Height 4 to 6 inches – Spread 8 to 15 feet
Likes sun to part shade
Pinkish white flowers in spring, followed by red berries in fall.
This excellent groundcover is highly adaptable, but requires excellent drainage.
ECOLOGY: Found in sandy, well drained exposed sites, dry, rocky slopes, dry forest.

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