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Dahlias 2016

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We have dahlias in one and two gallon pots. The list below is what we started the season with – please drop by or call to have a specific variety set aside.


Dahlia Audrey Grace

Audrey Grace

Dahlia Wildwood Marie

Wildwood Marie

Dahlia Jessie G

Jessie G

ALI AMAND dk. orange fringed med
ALFRED GRILLE pink/yellow flush cactus med
APRIL DAWN white tipped mauve decorative med
AUDREY GRACE bright red decorative tall
BLACKBERRY RIPPLE white/ purple flecked decorative tall
BISHOP OF LLANDAFF red single small
CABALLERO red with yellow tips decorative med
CHAT NOIR dark wine semi cactus tall
CHILSON’S PRIDE white/pink decorative tall
CORNELL dark red pom pom med
CYNTHIA HOUSTON red/orange dinner plate med
COLWOOD ANN lemon yellow fringed tall
HARRY’S LILAC lilac decorative med
HALLOWEEN bright orange fringed tall
JESSICA yellow/tipped red cactus tall
JESSIE G. dark purple pom pom tall
KARI FRUIT SALAD yellow/pink bicolour cactus tall
LYN’S CONCORD purple pom pom small
ROTHESAY REVELLER purple/white bicolour decorative tall
R SARA bright red dinner plate tall
SUFFOLK’S PUNCH magenta/ dark foliage decorative med
SUNCREST yellow/tinged pink semi pom-pom med
WESTON SPANISH DANCER yellow/ red bicolour cactus med
WILDWOOD MARIE peach/yellow waterlily tall
*Decorative dahlias are fully double, showing no disc. 
Can include the larger dinnerplate style, but often medium size blooms.
*Cactus dahlias have dramatic spikey petals; stand up well to bad weather.
*Pompom dahlias have round, spherical heads, ofen called ball dahlias.
*Fringed dahlias have twisted split petals, giving them a delicate fluffy look.
*Dinnerplate dahlias have, as the name suggests, huge plate-sized flowers.
*Tall dahlias can be 5-6’ tall; Medium 3-4’ tall



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