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Putting the Garden to Bed, Lasagna Style!

Posted by admin in General, Maintenance, Soil, Winter

By Faye With shorter days, colder nights and the last glorious fall colours fluttering to the ground, my veggie beds are tucked in for their winter sleep. Most of us know about ‘lasagna gardening‘ (just Google it) for building new beds but I decided to use this method to give my hard-working soil an extra treat

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Soil Testing – What Can It Tell You?

Posted by admin in Maintenance, Soil

By Faye Most of us don’t speak the language of soil, so we rely upon our plants to interpret. But sometimes even the plants are unclear; “I’m not feeling well” is all we can read from them. Having your soil tested is the sure way to know what’s happening underground, and it’s an easy process

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The Joy of Creating a Lasagna Bed

Posted by admin in Edible Gardening, Maintenance, Soil

By Faye Has your appetite for growing your own food expanded as mine has? With the warmer weather these past few summers, harvests have been plentiful and deliciously sweet, but planting space had not kept up with my lust for more. I wanted more of what I’ve already grown, and more new crops as well.

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Working With Clay Soil

Posted by Russell Nursery in Maintenance, Soil

Having clay soil may seem like a great misfortune, but if it is managed and handled properly it can produce an abundance of plant growth. Clay soils can be very fertile as they have the ability to hold onto nutrients. Clay soils are moisture retentive – to a fault in the winter, but a good

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Lasagna Gardening

Posted by Russell Nursery in Edible Gardening, Soil

By Sue This method of making beds requires no digging or tilling. Also known as sheet-composting, it means building up layers of organic material that will break down over time, resulting in rich, loose soil. You can build a lasagna garden right on top of the lawn, weeds and all. Start by spreading a layer

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