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By Faye Winter moth (Operophtera brumata) originated in Europe, and came to BC in the 1970s. The larvae, smooth green ‘inchworms’ about ¾” long, hatch in spring and can cause serious damage to emerging leaves if not controlled; after three years of infestation the tree can become so weakened that dieback and possible mortality can

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Start Now To Foil Next Season’s Pests

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There is much we can do between now and spring to eliminate or lessen the damage from insects and disease. We in southern BC are very fortunate to have food-growing expert, author and entymologist Linda Gilkeson, PhD in our midst. She has generously provided the information for this article.(www.lindgilkeson.ca) TO DO NOW: Mulch, mulch, mulch!

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Biological Warfare: Treatment for Root Weevils

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    Do you have any leaves that look like the ones in these pictures?  This kind of damage is produced by adult root weevils.  Root weevil larvae overwinter in the soil and can do serious damage to root systems.  Rhodos, Camellias, Laurels, Bergenia, Heuchera, Primula and a host of other plants are all susceptible to

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Protecting Your Winter Vegetable Garden

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Most of the vegetables suitable for the winter garden are perfectly hardy, but minor protective measures will ensure a greater harvest, better quality leaves, and cleaner produce.  I’ve grown kale, leeks, chard and purple sprouting broccoli in a raised bed with no protection over the winter other than leaves covering the soil. The soil needs

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Tending Your Winter Vegetables In October

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Mid October has finally brought the first rains of the season, as we say goodbye to the lovely, long late summer.  Has there ever been a fall as gorgeous as this one? The extended fall has unfortunately enabled those evil white cabbage moths to produce yet another generation of their voracious offspring.  Even today, I

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