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Putting the Garden to Bed, Lasagna Style!

Posted by admin in General, Maintenance, Soil, Winter

By Faye With shorter days, colder nights and the last glorious fall colours fluttering to the ground, my veggie beds are tucked in for their winter sleep. Most of us know about ‘lasagna gardening‘ (just Google it) for building new beds but I decided to use this method to give my hard-working soil an extra treat

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What to Do Now with Winter Veggie Beds?

Posted by admin in Edible Gardening, Maintenance, Winter

By Faye If you, like me, are admiring your nicely established winter crops in the garden, then it’s worth the little bit of time it takes now to make sure everything stays healthy throughout the cold season. Mulching and some staking are needed to protect winter crops from the elements.   It’s been a while since

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Should I Prune My Tomatoes?

Posted by admin in Edible Gardening, Maintenance

By Faye The short answer is yes, and no. It depends on what kind of tomato you are growing. If it’s determinate then no pruning is required, but indeterminate tomatoes must be kept in check. Determinate vs. Indeterminate This is the key piece of information to look for on the tag when you purchase your

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Soil Testing – What Can It Tell You?

Posted by admin in Maintenance, Soil

By Faye Most of us don’t speak the language of soil, so we rely upon our plants to interpret. But sometimes even the plants are unclear; “I’m not feeling well” is all we can read from them. Having your soil tested is the sure way to know what’s happening underground, and it’s an easy process

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Ten Tips For Successful Planting

Posted by admin in Maintenance, Trees

  The principle of ‘Do it once, do it right’ definitely applies to planting. Get new plants off to a good start by paying attention to the basics. You will be glad you did. 1. Plants Grow!  The most common planting mistake is not allowing enough space between plants. Read plant tags carefully to determine appropriate site and spacing.  

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Repotting Large Containers

Posted by admin in Containers, Maintenance

By Susan   Occasionally Japanese maples, roses, bamboo (especially bamboo!) and other large container plants need to be re-potted. How can you tell if it’s time? If you feel that a particular plant didn’t do so well last year, or that water ran right through the pot without being absorbed, then it probably is. Repotting

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The Joy of Creating a Lasagna Bed

Posted by admin in Edible Gardening, Maintenance, Soil

By Faye Has your appetite for growing your own food expanded as mine has? With the warmer weather these past few summers, harvests have been plentiful and deliciously sweet, but planting space had not kept up with my lust for more. I wanted more of what I’ve already grown, and more new crops as well.

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Pruning Rhododendrons

Posted by admin in Maintenance, Shrubs

By Susan   Well grown rhodos will be bushy, with leaves covering the whole plant. Poorly grown rhodos are often leggy and bare. The difference usually comes down to maintenance pruning, which should be done on an annual basis. Plan to cut back about 10% of the plant every year. Cut back select branches to

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How To Save Your Back While Gardening

Posted by admin in Maintenance

by Laurie It’s that time of year when we get excited about spring, then look outside and see all the work to be done.  Gardening is a way better workout than the gym, but like the gym, I want to avoid any setbacks from injury or strain brought on by the physical aspects of gardening.

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Start Now To Foil Next Season’s Pests

Posted by admin in Maintenance, Pests/Diseases, Winter

There is much we can do between now and spring to eliminate or lessen the damage from insects and disease. We in southern BC are very fortunate to have food-growing expert, author and entymologist Linda Gilkeson, PhD in our midst. She has generously provided the information for this article.(www.lindgilkeson.ca) TO DO NOW: Mulch, mulch, mulch!

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Winter Pruning of Climbing Roses

Posted by admin in Maintenance, Winter

Winter is the best time to prune modern repeat climbers as all the old leaves need to be picked off anyway, so may as well prune at the same time. (Once blooming old roses and ramblers are best when pruned in the summer after flowering) The key to climbers is to train the canes as

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Sharpen Your Shovels, it’s Time to Transplant!

Posted by admin in Conifers, Maintenance, Shrubs, Trees

By Brian Russell Established woody plants (trees, shrubs and conifers) are best moved when they are fully dormant. In our climate, this means November, December, January or early February. In theory you can move just about anything if you have enough determination and manpower (or womanpower!) The tree in these photos is an Acer palmatum

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Caring for Ornamental Grasses

Posted by admin in Grasses, Maintenance

By Laurie   Caring for Ornamental Grasses Customers at the nursery are often asking about how to care for ornamental grasses. It can get confusing. Grasses don’t ask for much in terms of maintenance, but most do require cutting back and some need periodic division. This article summarizes when and how to do both. A

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Hellebores Are Happy

Posted by admin in Maintenance, Perennials

Keep your hellebores happy and show their charming faces! These easy care perennials ask only one thing of you, and that is to cut back their old leathery leaves in very early spring, right about now. New leaves will quickly take their place; put the old ones in the garbage not compost, as they can

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How To Care For A Young Tree

Posted by Russell Nursery in Maintenance, Trees

by Susan The decision has been made, the hole dug and the tree planted, following all the instructions of course! Now what? Research has shown that newly planted trees take two years to establish. During that time young trees or older trees that have been transplanted are sensitive to environmental stresses, nutrient deficiencies and pest

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Working With Clay Soil

Posted by Russell Nursery in Maintenance, Soil

Having clay soil may seem like a great misfortune, but if it is managed and handled properly it can produce an abundance of plant growth. Clay soils can be very fertile as they have the ability to hold onto nutrients. Clay soils are moisture retentive – to a fault in the winter, but a good

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Turf the Turf

Posted by Russell Nursery in Design, Lawns, Maintenance

by Faye The great Canadian lawn. Is it an oasis upon which to rest and rejuvenate your spirit, or is it a monstrous thirsty fraud? The pros and cons of keeping or killing turfgrass have become hot button issues for gardeners of all shades of green. Historically, the lawn signified the emergence of the middle

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Controlling Moss In Lawns

Posted by Russell Nursery in Lawns, Maintenance

Moss thrives in our rainy climate and naturally acidic soils. It loves wet, poorly drained soil and does best in shady spots where the grass struggles to grow. The only way to really solve a moss problem is to determine and remedy the cause. Drainage: Improve the porosity and drainage of your soil by aerating

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November In The Food Garden

Posted by Russell Nursery in Edible Gardening, Maintenance

Getting the veggie garden ready for winter entails just a few simple tasks. The first really hard frost of the season is upon us; we need to prepare now for the winter that lurks nearby. First of all, the soil needs to be protected from incessant rain, which leeches out nutrients and compacts the ground. 

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Strategic Pruning for Better Bloom

Posted by Russell Nursery in Maintenance, Shrubs

Improper or badly timed pruning is often the reason that flowering shrubs bloom poorly or not at all. A little insight into a plant’s growth and flowering habits can be used to plan how and when to prune. Only a few pieces of key information are presented here, so consult a good pruning book for

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